To divide to rule is the way Governments are targeting us at the moment. Humanity is manipulated between press and politicians.  We are turned into sheep, and in turn the sheep police us. The press promote anything that divides us eg race, culture, identity politics, woke and it is all wrong.  “They” are subdividing us and its is everywhere we look. An entire issue of British Vogue is black, which in my opinion  patronises the black race. There are 1.85 million black people in the UK which has a population of 66 million so my view the Editor,  Edward Enninful is far too didatic and so not “Vogue”. He should in my opinion create beauty and  harmony.   This has nothing to do with Fashion, he is in the business of selling Gucci and Prada?  Instead this issue is self righteous and gloomy. Enninful should be working for The Guardian,  He has forgotten that most people in the UK are readers of The Sun, The Daily Mail and The Evening Standard in London. Edward is divisive and  trying to patronise.  He says we need educating?  I do think we need education for everybody in England  to a higher standard, but I am not sure that is what Edward means. What he has forgotten is that he is imposing with will of 2 million black people onto the population of 66 million in the UK.
I would have kept the sculpture of our past of the slaver Edward Colston and I would have kept the sculpture of Jen Reid for BLM by Marc Quinn. That is in my opinion real equality. Preserve the past and create the future mixing bad and good so we do not repeat our mistakes. I liked both sculptures and what they both stood for is interesting.    We should have just changed the sign attached to the sculptures.  I think unfortunately we are going backwards. 

The billionaires and globalists  have taken over the left, who were once right wing.  The Woke are fake left  backed by billionaires like George Soros and Bill Gates. They are not the original working class who wanted to fight for equality and justice.  The social warriors want you to speak the language of Woke which are spokesman of Fascism and  related to  ‘You Tube’  ‘Google’ and ‘Facebook’ without which they would not exist.   I have just been told “You cannot support Trump”.. This is completely wrong and not democratic. The Woke  pick on Trump focusing on all his peccadilloes forgetting the good and emphasising the bad.  Whether or not I like Trump it is my right to do so and not their right to tell me what to do.  People are fed up with the Woke left and Trump may just get re-elected. Then there is luckily someone like Candace Owens
Photograph by Amanda Eliasch

COVID19 has allowed all this to happen. There is little conversation and little debate. We are ruled by ‘Political correctness’ and masks. Let’s cover the peoples mouths so they cannot speak. 
The Labour Party and the Democrats have all been taken over. We live just an illusion of democracy and freedom of speech. We are ruled entirely by Big Pharma and billionaires. The people who govern us want one population one world. They want Marxism and centralised dictatorship. They don’t want borders and people to be patriotic. They have become tyrannical and the Plandemic has moved the Chinese dictatorship to Europe and America. Complete control of work and economics. We have no freedom of thought. The morning stories of the BBC are embarrassing it is so influenced by Communism. The Woke thinks they are powerful but they are so weak that they do not allow freedom of thought. We need to remove the mask and talk back.