The biggest disappointment this year  besides COVID19 and its fakeness  was our Prime Minister cancelling Christmas. Boris is good at visiting fisheries and swinging between telegraph poles with a crash helmet but we all have to suffer because he is overweight and was ill with COVID19. We were locked up surrendering our freedom for months destroying our economy, He has proven he has more alliances with the Liberal left these days and Mr Bill Gates who believes in eugenics. The way he has dalliances with so many of the female population does not make him appropriate for running our great country. Enough is enough. We need somebody with gravitas urgently and good common sense not just charm. Where is Jeremy Hunt when you need him? 

The mask does not work and is a form of control. As Donald Trump who has been nominated a Nobel Prize, said the other day “nobody makes any sense mumbling”. Masks make you incomprehensible under a nappy.

People in Parliament let BLM tear down our history without consequences and without proper due diligence. We had to continually celebrate the NHS which killed 40,000 people despite PROOF THAT Hydroxychloroquine works. Julia Hartley-Brewer agrees, thank God for sanity. The best news is that Donald Trump is a thoroughly 1980’s boy, he clearly believes all you need is a tan and white teeth. I agree.

Everywhere in London there are unused Cycle lanes. It has has created so much traffic and hooting along the Embankment that Sadiq Kahn should step down and be put in jail for gross negligence.  

This virus is not so dangerous but we need to work at our fitness levels. Don’t go out when you feel ill. Be considerate and protect the elderly. The world is just one big joke. If Gates and Co want to kill us just give us a little pill. Parliament appears to have wrecked our country quicker than Jeremy Corbyn with their draconian fascist ideals and huge expenditure. Toadying to Bill. Gates and George Soros only leaves us compromised. BLM destroyed our monuments, Extinction Rebellion destroyed businesses. How much longer do we put up with this?. Bonking Boris is not going to tell me how to live my life.