A mask, let’s get everybody terrified. Close the High Street completely, go on line, give the money to Bezos/Amazon.  Close our Churches, Mosques and Synagogues. Wear gloves keep your distance and let’s be very afraid. Masks just lower your immune system. It is all drama and big Pharma. We are going rapidly backwards. I wear a mask and carry one when I am in a crowded area. The Governments are trying to enforce lockdowns and vaccines, chips, 5G, bankruptcy’s with scare tactics and little fact.

To inhale a steroid works to get rid of bugs,  or you can use hydroxychloroquine. The mad hysteria is falling into the traps created between Pharma and Media.
The governments of the world got us to lock ourselves up, we have become zombies, we listened we did not question the logic, it bankrupts the world. Boris in the meantime sold us off to Bill Gates, whilst Soros drummed up Racism and sexism too. 
How far  has the new Racism gone? 
What everybody wants is equal opportunity in the beginning, it is up to you what you do with it. 
Nobody cares about the real slaves today the Chinese, the Sudanese they are just over there, out of sight and out of mind.
England,  is of course different from the USA.  In the USA in 1964 the black man got the vote In America.
We in turn got the vote for women in 1916. We have been tolerant and inclusive for a very long time.
We are going rapidly backwards. 
Donations to black lives matter are not straightforward  and could end up in the pockets of the Democrats we are told.
There is so much more, however not much more that I can take..